Maydad Ronen

Maydad LR.jpg
  • Boxer - xx years 

  • Boxing Coach - xx years 

  • Masters - State and World boxing titles

  • Gym Owner - Bondi Boxing Gym

  • Promoter - Promotor and organiser of 48 Fight Nights

  • First Aid

  • Level 1 Boxing Australia Coach

  • Combat Sports Authority registered

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My Story

I am truly grateful for the sport of boxing as it has given me everything that I have today. My beautiful wife and two kids are forever supporting me with my endeavours in promoting Bondi Boxing Gym fight nights and the day to day running of Bondi Boxing Gym. 

I have always maintained a healthy lifestyle and competed from an early age. In 1993 I was the awarded the Reebok MSN's Pro aerobic champion and have since then achieved the NSW ABA amateur bantam weight, World UBC Masters featherweight, World WBF Masters super bantam weight boxing titles. 

As an athlete I travel annually to the USA to gain more knowledge and train with some of the best trainers in boxing. I am privileged enough to have trained with coaches such as Roger Mayweather, Freddie Track, Jimmy Williams and many more. 

Recently I have completed the International Cut-mans course and even after XXX years of coaching boxing can honestly say I am still passionate about learning new skills and techniques. I always want the very best for my staff, members and fighters.