Callan Duncan

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  • Personal Trainer - Diploma of Fitness

  • Nutritional Therapist - Diploma of Nutrition

                                      - Diploma of Sports and Exercise Nutrition

  • Behavioural Therapist - Advanced Diploma of Behavioural Therapy

  • Strength and Conditioning - ASCA Level 1

  • Education Manager - Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

  • Course Designer  - Diploma of Training Design and Development

  • Management - Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management​​

                          - Diploma of Leadership and Management

  • Advanced First Aid

  • Level 1 Boxing Australia Coach

  • Combat Sports Authority registered

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My Story

There is a quiet confidence that comes from learning the skills of boxing or any martial arts. For me this began around the age of 15 years. Whilst I have never competed in boxing I have always been very competitive. I believe that once you learn martial arts there is an inner resilience and calmness that you can tackle any challenges that may arise.

One of my strongest passions is creating platforms for others to learn. I never liked school or study which is a surprise to most when you look at what I have managed to study over the last ten years. I work and think fast and am always looking for ways to improve so that I can give the very best to my clients and students. 

I have worked as a trainer for almost a decade and teaching upcoming trainers for almost as long.  My experience at more than 15 different gyms and colleges combined gives me an insight on what works and what doesn't. What I can honestly say is that the best thing for you is what ever you believe you want. Why... because no matter what I tell you this belief will still remain. 

It is too easy these days to get caught up in things that do not really matter. The latest car, the next holiday, clothing etc etc. The one thing that is always with you and continually improves is your knowledge. As your knowledge and skills develop you are able to make better decisions and capitalise on future opportunities.

This program is about challenging yourself to experience change. Change the way you think, train, eat and the way you see yourself. Build your confidence and self belief in these areas and experience how everything in life will also change, all through learning the skills of boxing. 

I can almost certainly assure you that you learn something new, establish a new found self belief, expand you professional and social network and most importantly train hard, sweat plenty and have a whole lot of fun.