Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to be fit to sign up?

Heck no, that is what we are here for. We will make you fit over the journey. Fighting fitness is different kind  of fitness altogether, we get you there as a team. By fight night, you will be as fit as a fiddle and ready to show your warrior within.

Do I need any previous boxing experience?

Nope. We start at the basics from day 1. You are signing up to learn to box, that is what we will teach you.

What if I do have boxing experience but never got in the ring?

That is fabulous, there will probably be a few of you and you will be trained/matched accordingly.

Do I have to spar during training?

Yes, it is necessary in order for us to match you as safely as possible but also to prepare you for the expectations of fight night. We will make sure you are skilled enough to spar with adequate technique to be safe. You will be closely monitored by the coaches to spar at the correct intensity and in all the necessary protective equipment. By the time it gets to sparring you will most likely be itching to test your hands.

What if I have limitations such as mobility / illness / other conditions ?

We aim to embrace whomever would like to take up the challenge. Have a chat to us to discuss your limitations and whether or not we think it will be safe for you to participate.

Will I get hurt?

Hopefully not. We take safety very seriously for all participants, in fact Tanya calls herself the Safety Queen. However the nature of boxing is unpredictable and therefore injury cannot be ruled out. We go to all means necessary to minimise risk but yes in tough combat sport the injuries can happen. The training program is scientifically structured to build the boxer’s fitness and strength in a sustained progress to limit potential for injury. All the coaches are First Aid qualified, the referees will be extra cautious on fight night and there is a sports doctor at fight night by law.

Is there any age limitations to join?

Our program is suitable for anyone aged 18 – 65 who wishes to have their first amateur boxing match.

Do I have to attend all training sessions?

It is heavily encouraged you attend all the training sessions. This is for your benefit and your safety. You want to get the best out of this program? Then attend all the sessions. If you miss one session here or there, no big deal…but if you are consistently missing sessions we will have a chat.

Do I need to train extra outside the group sessions?

Not necessarily… it all depends where your fitness is to begin with. This is a chat to have with the coaches as one of the worst situations is to become injured from over – training!

The 4 sessions with the team will get you fit, however you may need to supplement your sessions with strength or HIIT or mobility exercise depending on what the coach believes is best for you.

Can I bring my own boxing gear?

You can train in your own gear, however for insurance and safety purposes when it gets to sparring and the fight night you will need to wear what we provide. This is to keep it uniform and fair.

The kit bag we provide you has high quality gloves, headguard and groin/chest protectors. You will need to purchase a mouthguard and boxing boots of your choice, although we will bring in specialist vendors.

How are the fights judged?

Judges score on the 10 point scoring system. This will be explained in detail during your program.

How are the fighters matched?

We will take into account your weight, age, experience and ability. Your sparring is specifically observed to make the safest possible match up, we aim for such an even match that we hope every fight ends in a split decision (or a draw)

Can I do it more than once?

We would love you to! However after a second go we encourage you to move onto our amateur team.